Silentio Sonante

Welcome to Silentio Sonante – the ponderings of my inner mind. I am Andria Kennedy: freelance writer, writer of science fiction and fantasy (please feel free to visit my other blog, Antihero Kreative, if you’re interested in that aspect of things), and, yes, a fellow warrior of depression and anxiety.

So, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair, and sink into the silence, shall we?

The “Nothing” Trap

If someone notices you sitting quietly, with no movement of your fingers, they start to form judgement. Doing nothing equates to laziness. And we often absorb that judgement, criticizing ourselves when we aren’t running around in circles all the time. We forget the value of doing nothing to our mental balance., and it’s a dangerous trap.

Circling the Sun

Birthdays – no matter how hard you try, you don’t get to outrun them. And unless you’re a sparkling personality, you don’t enjoy them. But people expect you to, and when you try to skirt around them, you end up confronted with demands as to why you’re not excited you survived one more year.

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