Silentio Sonante

Welcome to Silentio Sonante – the ponderings of my inner mind. I am Andria Kennedy: freelance writer, writer of science fiction and fantasy (please feel free to visit my other blog, Antihero Kreative, if you’re interested in that aspect of things), and, yes, a fellow warrior of depression and anxiety.

So, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair, and sink into the silence, shall we?

A Necessary Evil?

For better or worse, social media seems set to stay. And some people can’t live without it. Unfortunately, certain people need to navigate its waters in order to carve out a place in the world. And that’s a terrifying concept when you realize the entire social media phenomenon is nothing more than high school on steroids.

Unicorn Without a Horn

Some people make fantastic motivational speakers. Hearing them for even a few minutes raises your spirits and catapults you forward on your journey. They have a particular charisma about them that turns them into an inspiration. But unless you’re one of them, you don’t expect to hear that you’ve enlightened or lifted someone’s day. It can leave you wondering whether they’re kidding you – or if you actually did something right.

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