Silentio Sonante

Welcome to Silentio Sonante – the ponderings of my inner mind. I am Andria Kennedy: freelance writer, writer of science fiction and fantasy (please feel free to visit my other blog, Antihero Kreative, if you’re interested in that aspect of things), and, yes, a fellow warrior of depression and anxiety.

So, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair, and sink into the silence, shall we?

Finding the Closure Store

People love to throw the word “closure” around. Regardless whether it’s a relationship, an incident, or even a wrong coffee order, people insist you need to get closure. Almost as if closure were a physical object, right? So where, exactly, is this magical closure store?

There’s Sorry and There’s Stupid

Trusting people can be difficult on the best of days. Trusting people when they’ve betrayed you – that’s a different story altogether. Some will tell you it’s important to repair trust, that it shows you’re a good person. What I want to know is why you would hand that person their knife a second time?

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