Silentio Sonante

Welcome to Silentio Sonante – the ponderings of my inner mind. I am Andria Kennedy: freelance writer, writer of science fiction and fantasy (please feel free to visit my other blog, Antihero Kreative, if you’re interested in that aspect of things), and, yes, a fellow warrior of depression and anxiety.

So, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair, and sink into the silence, shall we?

The Guilt Trap

Everyone SHOULD comprehend the fact that “no means no.” We learn that at a young age. Until somewhere down the line, guilt worms its way into the mix. Suddenly, a few choice words here and there convince us to abandon a firm stance. And “no” starts disappearing from our vocabulary – to our detriment.

For Shame

Guilt may have its uses. It lets us know when we’ve screwed up and need to make amends. However, in the wrong hands, it’s also a nasty tool that grinds the mind into the dirt.

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