Silentio Sonante

Welcome to Silentio Sonante – the ponderings of my inner mind. I am Andria Kennedy: freelance writer, writer of science fiction and fantasy (please feel free to visit my other blog, Antihero Kreative, if you’re interested in that aspect of things), and, yes, a fellow warrior of depression and anxiety.

So, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, find a comfortable chair, and sink into the silence, shall we?

Scripted in Stone

When most people hear “PTSD” they think of soldiers returning from war zones. And that’s apt. But traumatic situations occur all the time, without bombs or machine guns. And the sad thing is, there’s still a stigma around the topic.

Being Unavailable

Plenty of people fall into the category of “workaholic.” There’s no concept of downtime. And you’ll see plenty of praise come out for that lifestyle. But no one tells you the damage it does – or how difficult it is to BREAK the ha

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